Our next technical lead

"It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people, so they can tell us what to do!" 

Steve Jobs

Who we are

Thorgate is one of highest flying software product agencies in Estonia right now. We have a young and talented team, customized internal processes, cool projects, all kinds of knowledge-sharing events, cozy offices in Tehnopol, field offices in London & Oslo and we build our own startups. And we are just getting started! 

Ivar, co-founder

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What we expect

As a technical lead you'll be leading the team on executing the best suitable technical solution for delivering the project/feature with quality, within the budget & deadlines. You are the “go-to” person for any topics that require technical expertise (architectural decisions on large scale, guidelines for code quality and style, etc.) and you are also responsible for the agile process working together with PM on task grooming, planning and retro meetings.

On business side, you will interact with PMs and KAMs to help them better understand the technical side of the project and suggest what paths development can take with which advantages and disadvantages in each.

On development side, you help developers to find their answers for technical challenges by knowing where to look and whom to talk to, and with your own experience. You also help their communication with business side when they struggle with it.

  • You are passionate about processes, KPIs and measuring those
  • You believe honest & transparent feedback to be the basis of great teamwork and you enjoy it
  • You have solutions not excuses
  • You have a solid engineering background and have proven most of the world problems to be solvable with Python
  • You enjoy doing code reviews for other team members
  • You celebrate even the smallest victories and value the people around you (both at work and at home)

Key skills: Agile, Python, Django, REST, React.js, SQL, Docker

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